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Friends, do you all want to use free Wi-Fi internet inside your phone and other gadgets? Most of the users want to get free Wi-Fi and they always know the password of Wi-Fi. Sometimes you must be thinking that is it possible to connect Wi-Fi for free without asking the password?

So the answer is yes friends, it is possible to know the password of any Wi-Fi using the Instabridge app. Friends, you can know the password of anyone’s Wi-Fi and connect it and take advantage of free internet sitting at home. Friends, get all the details about free Wi-Fi and its password.

Know WIFI Password

Friends, this is one of the best applications, which gives all of you free facility to connect to any Wi-Fi and use the internet as well. You can also filter the Wi-Fi according to you and connect to any Wi-Fi of your choice.


  • Know the password of any Wi-Fi
  • Filter Wi-Fi according to your needs
  • Find Wi-Fi according to location

How to download and use the WiFi password Instabridge app

To install the Instabridge App on your mobile, you have to type on the given download link. If you want, you can also download the Wi-Fi password app from Google Play Store. Open Google Play Store and type in search Free Wi-Fi Password App. Now click on the download button to install this app.

After this, open the app inside your mobile phone and click on Try It Account, then select Instabridge app. After this, type on the Wi-Fi button and search all the default WiFi.

To see the Wi-Fi around your house, click on the location button. Now you touch any Wi-Fi here and click on Show Password.

After this you click on unlock password disabled and watch the advertisement video. After watching the video the application will unlock the password. Now you can connect to Wi-Fi for free and take advantage of free internet. Also friends, you can also filter Wi-Fi according to the strength of connectivity.

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