Use the Call Forwarding app to forward all your important calls easily

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Friends, with the help of call forwarding up, you can easily forward your important calls to your other number. This app is very useful for friends when you need to forward your call for any reason.

With this, friends, you can configure your settings quite easily. Most of us usually set up call forwarding options on our mobile devices.

This setting forwards all calls coming to your number to Google Voice or any other number provided by you. Friends, this option is already inbuilt in the phone’s up settings.

But if you want, you can also use any option to take advantage of this setting. Today in this article you all will know about one such great app which helps a lot in forwarding all your calls easily.

About Call Forwarding App

Friends, when you forward your call to another number, all the incoming calls are redirected to your connected device. Nowadays, most of the people use this option when the network in their mobile is not good or the charging in the mobile is about to end.

Friends, all incoming calls coming on your mobile are sent to another number. And the person who called your number is also informed that their call is being forwarded to another number.

Although friends, every smartphone company already provides this setting inside their mobile, call forwarding up can further improve this feature.

Now you all know about its specifications below. Call forwarding up friends helps a lot in forwarding all your calls. It comes with a very simple interface.

Friends, in this app you will not have to go through a long process to forward your calls. All you need to do is enter the phone number to which you want all your calls to be forwarded.

Friends, this app also allows you to save multiple numbers for call forwarding. Also, friends, this app will forward your call only to one of the numbers made from it.

How to download Call Forwarding App?

Friends, this is one of the best Android call forwarding apps. The best thing is that you get this app on Google Play Store. So that you can get an idea of its safety.

If you want to download this app then you can do it from Google Play Store. Friends, I have given the direct link of Google Play Store in the download button below, by clicking on which you will be able to download this app very easily.

How to use Call Forwarding App?

  • First of all, download it from Google Play Store in your mobile phone and open it.
  • After that, after clearing all the permissions, you will see three options.
  • Always Call Forward – If you want the incoming calls on your mobile phone to be forwarded forever, then select this option.
  • Forward When Busy – With the help of this option, if your mobile phone is busy then your call will be forwarded, for this you can select this option.
  • Forward When Unanswered – With the help of this option, when you do not attend the call, the call is automatically forwarded.
  • Friends, now you can forward your call by selecting any of these options as per your choice.

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