See Online and Offline activity of your chat with Yansa tracker for WhatsApp app

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It is common to not be able to chat with all your friends on WhatsApp and not be able to see their online and offline activity. There is no official facility provided inside WhatsApp to track anyone’s online and offline activity.

But friends, all of you can easily track all the online and offline activities of all your friends. To track the activity, all of you friends will have to download Yansa App which is available on Google Play Store.

Yansa tracker for WhatsApp

WhatsApp application is the most popular and best app to see online and offline activity of all your friends. You can see whenever any of your friends comes online on WhatsApp. Also, you can see it whenever he is offline.

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  • See when appearing online.
  • See when it goes offline.
  • Keep an eye on how much time your friend has spent on WhatsApp.

How to use this app to track online & offline activity on WhatsApp?

Friends, you have to download Yansa from Google Play Store in your mobile to track all your WhatsApp activity. Or you can download this app directly from Google Play Store by clicking on the link given below. When the app is downloaded in your mobile phone, open it. And set aside all permissions.

Friends, after allowing all the permissions, click on the plus icon given above. And after that you have to choose here that you want to track the activity of WhatsApp Telegram etc. So here you select WhatsApp and enter the mobile number of whose activity you want to see. After entering the number, enter your friend’s name here, after entering the profile name, click on the OK button.

Make sure that your friends have entered the correct name and number here, similar to their WhatsApp contacts. Instead of entering the number directly here, it would be better if you copy the number from WhatsApp. After 15 minutes tomorrow, this app will start tracking all the online and offline activity of WhatsApp. You will receive information like thank you from your friends.

You will see the contact’s online and offline notifications once you receive the confirmation notification. You will get a notification every time he comes online on WhatsApp. You’ll also get a notification whenever it goes offline.

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